The California Attorney General’s office reports that, in the month of December 2012, the law firm of Miguel A. Custodio, Jr. served over thirty 60-day notices of violation on behalf of at least five citizens of the state of California.  Each of these notices of violation were targeted at businesses operating within the food service and alcoholic beverage industry.  The cited violations included the “knowing” and “intentional” sale of either “alcoholic beverages, when associated with alcohol abuse,”  “ethyl alcohol in alcoholic beverages,” or both without a clear and visible warning.

Restaurants and bars that dispense alcohol and operate in California should be aware of the potential pitfalls provided by Proposition 65 and should take care to ensure that they are in compliance with the code.   More information regarding the requirements of Proposition 65 can be found through the California Restaurant Association at:

Through the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment at:

Or through Castellón & Funderburk, LLC at (213) 623-7515.