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California Bad Faith Insurance Law

Policyholders rely on insurance for protection, for peace of mind, for "good hands", or a "piece of the rock". They pay premiums in advance, expecting the insurance company to act promptly and in good faith when the need arises. Insurance is therefore a special type of contract, in which the insurance company may be sued for "bad faith" damages if it denies a claim unreasonably.

Insurance companies can profit by just saying "no". The coverage promised when a policy is sold often disappears when the policyholder submits a claim. The policyholder is usually at a disadvantage because insurance companies are in the business of handling claims; and thus are professionals in the litigation business. The American Insurance Association has explained that the insurance industry spends (conservatively) over a billion dollars a year in fighting policyholders over coverage.

To fight an insurance company requires special knowledge, skill and experience.  The attorneys at Castellón & Funderburk LLP have a proven track record of success in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims for our clients

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