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Specialized in Proposition 65
Duraflame v. Bay Area Air Quality Management District (2009)
Writ to enjoin the Air District from issuing rules related to wood burning in fireplaces.

Stout v. Balboa Insurance (2009)
Reversed lower court ruling on duty to defend landowner trustees and beneficiaries.

Watts Industries, Inc. v. Zurich American Insurance Co., 121 Cal. App. 4th 1029 (2004)
Affirmed lower court decision on duty defend that ultimately paid over $40 million in defense fees.

Zurich American Insurance Co. v. Superior Court, 326 F.3d 817 (7th Cir. 2003)
Reversed lower court ruling compelling Illinois law to apply in insurance coverage action.

Yeroushalmi v. Miramar Sheraton, 88 Cal.App. 4th 738 (2001)
Affirmed lower court ruling that notice of intent to sue was deficient.